Assessing a Fragrance: What Are

prime Notes, Heart Notes & Base

Notes? So, you’re at the fragrance

counter and you spray on a brand

new fragrance. 

A number of minutes

later, you are taking another

sniff. Well, rather like love

initially sight, the fragrance

isn’t continually what it seems to

be at first. However worry not,

there's a reason for this

deception. When you put on a

fragrance, the primary smells you

get are what is known as the

highest notes. These are the

initial smells that “grab your

attention”. These tiptop notes don't

remain on your skin for too long

and are sometimes ingredients like

citrus (orange, mandarin, bergamot,


or aromatic (basil,

lavender, mint). They typically

tend to be recent and bright. Now

that the fragrance has your

attention, it slowly dries right

down to what's known as the center

notes. These tend to remain on your

skin for a number of additional

hours – usually, two-four hours

roughly betting on the fragrance

and your skin usually (this can be

often) wherever you'll notice the

floral and fruity notes very

enjoying the starring role. 

Then swaggering behind the 

center notes are the significant 

base notes, which may typically 

last well into the eighth hour or 

next day generally. These are the 

notes that prefer to stick around 

on your skin, like vanilla, musk, 

wood, and kind the backbone of 

the fragrance.

Now do bear in 

mind that these are all general 

pointers to travel by as each 

fragrance has its own 

temperament and story and might

vary per the fragrance, and once

assessing a fragrance, you wish to

seem at it as a full song instead

of only 1 note. A fragrance ought

to be an ideal balance and mix

between these notes, and like

music, ought to have depth,

texture, and harmony.

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